Swedish massage and its Benefits

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Swedish massage and its Benefits

Swedish massage is arguably the best-known and most popular type of massage. Many other types of massage therapy are based on the Swedish massage style. It involves a specific set of techniques developed by physical therapist Per Henrik Ling and has many benefits.

The benefits of Swedish massage

The main benefit of Swedish massage is the fact that it helps with relaxation. A standard massage session addresses most of the body’s major muscle groups. The different massage techniques used in Swedish massage deliver benefits such as:

• Relaxing the muscles
• Pain relief
• Relieving mental stress
• Draining metabolic waste
• Increasing blood flow

Swedish massage can also treat a number of health conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome and knee arthritis. According to research, it can also reduce blood pressure and boost immune system function.

Techniques used in Swedish massage

There are five techniques used in Swedish massage that are carried out in a specific order, these are:


The word is French and means “to skim.” It refers to a light, stroking movement made with the palm of the hand. The goal is to encourage blood circulation by pushing the blood back toward the heart.


Petrissage refers to kneading and wringing muscles with the surface of the fingers and the thumbs. This technique allows for deeper muscle penetration.


The term “tapotement” means percussion. It involves rhythmic wrist movements that the massage therapist uses when tapping the body. They will tap with each hand alternately and the therapist will usually apply tapotement therapy to the fleshier parts of the body. This type of massage can stimulate the skin along with muscle reflexes.


Friction produces heat which can relax the muscles. When using this technique, the massage therapist may rub the palm of their hand on the skin of the person being massaged. The resulting heat can warm up the muscles and get them ready for a deeper massage.


This technique can range from rapid shaking to rhythmic movement using the heel of the hand or the finger tips. The benefits of this type of massage depend on where on the body it is used, but its main purpose is to loosen the muscles.

If you are undergoing mental stress, chronic pain or simply want a relaxing experience, Swedish massage may be the answer. If you would like to know more about Swedish massage or want to know if it is right for your ailment, get in touch with us today, we are a massage therapy clinic in San Antonio, Texas.

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